Back on Track ♡

I’m trying to keep my ELF and EunHae’s feeling on the right track. I have been planning to make my wordpress as photos update, so if you wanna read fanfic you can found it here. I can’t tell if I’m going to update frequently but I’m trying to keep updates and keep up my school’s score n___n I know it’d be hard, but if things going too much to take, I will stop this and bye bye everyone. lol.

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ZH ♡


It’s always been you.


Title: It’s always been you.

Main Cast:

-          Lee Hyukjae

-          Lee Donghae

And another supporter casts.

Author: Nashelf Hafizhah Wanda

Genre: Romance/Fluffy

Rating: G

Length: One-shot

A/N: Happy birthday, Lee Donghae! May God bless you, give you a long and healthy live < 3 Live happily ever after with your beloved one *cough* in this case Hyukjae *cough*

p.s: planningnya buat HaeHyuk, tapi entah kenapa agak jadi HyukHae….orz maaf ya.


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