Are SNSD doing plastic surgery ?

Yah.. judulnya aja mancing kontroversi banget ya? Jujur, tadinya aku agak ragu buat posting soal ini, tapi yaudahlah. ini kan blog aku juga. hehe…

Siapa yang SONE?? Ayo ngacung!! :D

Jujur, tadinya aku nggak begitu suka sama SNSD karena banyaknya gosip buruk tentang mereka. Aku tau SNSD itu banyak banget anti-fansnya, tapi SONE juga nggak kalah BANYAK. Dari berbagai macam gosip yang beredar, seperti tingkah laku mereka yang dibilang kurang ajar, mereka semua oplas, centil-centil, mereka lip-sync ketika debut, dan lain sebagainya. Pasti kalian udah pernah denger gosip tentang semua itu. Di sini aku bukan mau berpihak kepada SNSD ataupun SONE, aku cuma mau sharing aja

Kali ini aku mau sharing soal gosip panas yang mengatakan semua anggota SNSD melakukan operasi plastik. Look at the picture..

Kim Taeyeon :

taeyeon sebelum debut

Jessica Jung/Jung Soo-Yeon:

Sunny/Lee Soon-Kyu:

Stephany Hwang/Hwang Mi-Young/Tiffany:

Kim HyoYeon:

Kwon Yuri:

Choi Soo-Young:

Im Yoon-Ah:

Seo Hyun/Seo Joo-Hyeon:

hasil akhir ditangan kalian, terserah menurut kalian mereka apaan , aku cuma ngesahre,


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8 thoughts on “Are SNSD doing plastic surgery ?

  1. Why are other people says that the SNSD had done a lot of plastic surgeries? I dont think had done a lot of plastic surgeries, maybe they had but not too many. Every person’s physical appearance changes, it’s true.

  2. i think tiffany, yoona, yuri and taeyon didn’t undergo through any plastic surgery. but its very obvious to soo young and seo hyun. observe their first music video.

    dont know to jessica ,hyoyeon and sunny. :)

    but their very gorgeous . i mean … uh. nvm.

  3. I dont think that they had plastic surgery, they are naturally beautiful,. Maybe the put on Make-up, (it can do a lot of things) but they totally didnt do plastic surgery

  4. I have nothing against stars who get plastic surgery, but for most of the girls it doesn’t look like there was a lot of work done – or whoever did it did a really good job.

    Jessica and Hyoyeon seem to be the two questionable ones for me.

    The others look the same, and i feel that any differences in post and pre debut are just makeup and aging out of the awkward teenager phase. Makeup is a HUGE deal – it can really work wonders.

  5. For those who think those girls features just changed, what i know is that that single lid could not, would not be able to change into double lid for sure…..
    Aahh… but it changed, so why? Couldn’t it be clearer that it changes due to surgery…
    Really… a single lid grows into double lid during what, puberty? While you reach maturity?

  6. Most of them didn’t have plastic surgery. People’s appearances change a lot as they get older. Also, as skin stretches, tightens or loosens, that affects eyelids too jsyk. And makeup makes a lot of difference, it can make people look as though they had double eyelids, hide eye bags and blemishes, make eyes look a LOT bigger and make nose bridges and cheek bones stand out.

    • totally agree with you. i don’t think they have done any plastic surgeries though, its more like, the process of growing up. i think its common that when some people become famous, some people trying to find faults in their appearances. i think its because of the make up too. and double eyelids can be made easily by using the double eyelid glue.

  7. I believe Yuri,Sunny,Hyoyeon..and Jessica… Look at Yuri eyes before surgery.she did double eyelids surgery,,, Look at sunny.,. She changed a lot., Nose,lips and eyes.. Hyoyeon. HEr nose!!! Big than before……~~ Jessica.. Tottally different ,.her eyes.!!
    Taeyeon, tiffany,Yoona,Sooyoung,Seohyun only do face treatment . All korean people eyes are swollen…

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