Did I scare you guys? :3 {}

omg sorry i’d protected my blog before. I need to clear up something. Remember the day I posted I’ll protect my blog IF someone copying my ff without my permission? And this girl had posted my 45 fanfictions (more than 45 actually) without my permission and even put my credit on it. So i protected my blog and trying to talk to her so she will give up re-posted my fanfiction without source and my permission.

so here I am,

I’m back<33333

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11 thoughts on “Did I scare you guys? :3 {}

  1. yg itu ya, eomma *yg mana yaaaa?*

    Kemarin-kemarin aku liat eomma komen difanfic Peppero Confusion yg di upload lewat fb tapi bukan fb eomma.

    Eomma, yang sabar aja. Nanti ada aja yg membalas kok xD

    Gimana eomma? Dia minta maaf ngga? Atau ngga taggapin apapun??

  2. omggg~ you really scare me saengiiiee x[
    it’s been so long since d last time i open uR blogg,,

    but yeeeyyyy now Ur backk \(>’<)/
    *ppoppoo :*

    oh my doesnt she know that making fanfic is really isnt easy????
    hhuuuuu~ :{

    keep bloging my dearrrr ^-^

    • i’m so sorry eonnie T_____T
      i’ve told you, kalo ada yang ngecopy ff aku, aku bakal go protect blog aku sampe semua masalahnya beres. And now, all of the problem has finally solved^__^ hehe mianhae *bow*

      /poppo eonnie back/
      :* wkwkkw

      idek, she just randomly copying my fic and posted it. kalo cuma 1-2 ff aku maklumin aja sih, tapi ini lebih dari 45 ff dia copy tanpa izin aku dan tanpa ngecantumin credit. gimana aku nggak jengkel eon-__-memang, does she think making ff is easy? lmao hahaha

      yesyes eonnie, i will ^___^ keep commenting too!

  3. Anyeoong author! Long time no see ;D. Saya sedikit kecewa karena blog ini di protect, saya plg suka cari ff eunhaehyuk disini karena passion shipper saya jd hardcore hehe. Tapi karena author sudah comeback so i say thank you so much! Saya jd bsa baca ff mu lg deh. HWAITING XD

    • hehe mianhae kalo misalkan waktu itu aku ngeprotect blogku. I’ve told you all, kalo ada yang ngecopy ff aku, aku bakal protect sampe semua masalahnya beres. Nah berhubung ada yang ngecopy ff aku tanpa izin, aku ngeprotect blog aku and finally, sekarang semua masalahnya udah beres^^v mianhae *bow*

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