Korean Boy/Girl Fact

Heechul 100 Question

Name : Kim Heechul
Birthday : July 10th
School : Myungduk kindergarten
Residency: Kanggaedong sungil Apartments
Family : Very close
Personality : I don’t care about other people
Good Qualities : I never bother people
Bad Qualities : People say I have not enough interest in people
Hobibies : Watching horror movies the dark, bothering random things
Religion : Atheist. I only believe what I see.
Height : 150mm [obviously he’s joking]
Weight : 4tons
Bloodtype : AB. The universal receiver~!
Shoe Size : Too lazy to go look
Favorite Genre of music : Anything that’s not R&B but I really like Rock
Favorite Singers : Jo Sungmo, Hide, Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey
Favorite Season : Antumn, cause its not too hot and hot too cold
Favorite Food : Fried rice with Kimchi
Place I want to go : Space
My ideal : I don’t have an ideal type
My worries as of now : Should I pop this pimple unper my lip of should alone.
First Love : Before I came on this Earth. So, no first love.
Alcohol Tolerance : 4 bottles.
Drinking Habits : I buy people whatever they want,and I cry when I drink alone.
Most important friends : No such thing. All my friends are important
Prized Possesion : 1:Me. 2:Me 3: Me as well 4.Hehe
When I look the best : Whenever
When I look sexiest : When I’m wearing pajamas…too sexy>_<
Hairstyle as of now : Tied in a ponytail like Moon Geunyoung in my little bride.
Clothes you are wearing right now : A purple t-shirt and shorts
Your form : I’m shaking my head to the music
What’s in your pocket : My pajamas don’t have pockets
First time drinking : Middle school with my family. My mom owns a wine store.
Favorite colors : Red,Pink,Black
Thing you want from your significant other : CD, or a cell phone accessory
Age you want to get married : Not thinking of getting married
What you do when you’re home alone : turn on the music snd go on the computer
Habits : I alway blow away my bangs or shake my head to the side to move them away from my eye.
Highest placement in school : 5th place in my grade, I was always at least in the top 10.

Difference between men and women : Women can wear skirt and pants. But if a man wore a skirt he’d be hearing more than an ‘idiot’ from people.
If you were born again, man or woman : Me
What you think you were in your previous life : A doll
If the person you loved cheated on you :Thank god I don’t have someone I love
Favorite at Noraebang ; Lee Seunghwan’s You to You, Dir en Grey’s Zan. I do the laugh at the beginning all the way to the screaming.
What you want to do when it rains : Not get hit by it
If you were on a deserted island what you take : Why the hell would I want to go to a deserted island.
How many kids : I’m not planning to get married
Who do you want to see the most right now : high school friends
Favorite snacks : Biyoddae, Pandolee
Allowance : Whatever I need
Favorite restaurants : Niko Niko, when I have a lot of money I go to Miyojen
To be dumped or do you dump : I don’t know
Why did you write the answer to the question above : Cause I don’t know.
What I want right now : A genie inside a lamp
When do you think you’ve grown up : I don’t. I think it’s Peter Pan Complex? I don’t want to grow up >_<

Country you want to go to : Japan
What you think about other people : I really couldn’t care less
What would you do if you confessed to a girl : I don’t know.
Place you want to go with your other : Amusement park. I really want to go.
Ideal vacation spot : Amusement park.
Favorite TV show : Gag Concert. I always copy the characters
Thoughts when you’re in rain ; I can’t think . I’m too busy avoiding it.
When I fell happy : Whenever. As long as I’m breathing.
Most recent movie watched : Shrek 2. I saw it twice and it was still funny
Movie watched with the most feeling : Battle Royale, Taegukki
Could you marry someone else for the person you loved : WHAT?
What you want to do for the person you love : Show them some of my charm…maybe that wouldn’t look good with me
I want to die when : I get ‘Rice cake Eating Yongman’ wrong (&szlig; I cried when I read that.) Life is so fun

You think you’re a player : I’m too lazy to be one
If you found 100k in the road : it’d be heavy
When you were most hurt : when I was 9 or 10 and the math problems were so easy I solved them quickly and the teacher told me that I copied. I think that’s when I started becoming the way I am now.
I hate guys that : make me care about their business
I hate girls that : as long as they mind their own business it’s fine
If you were to become invisible : what kind of question is this?
When someone makes you mad: I keep it to myself and make sure I pay them back with the same thing.
Favorite saying : I’m me. You’re you.
If someone you met for the first time were to ask for you number : I’d ask ‘why’
Nicknames : Cinderella, Jerk, Alien
First thing you do in the morning : Open my eyes
Jinxes : I don’t have jinxes
The most important thing in the world : Me
When you were happiest : In high school
When you were saddest : when I look at the sky and the moon and I think of memories.
Last thing you want to say : I’m finished! Yeah~!

credit >>(parfait) SuperJuniorThailand


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