Heart to Heart

Saengil Chukhaeyo uri SUPER JUNIOR !!!

miane , jeongmal miane , mungkin kalo ELFs baca postingan ini rada kecewa kali yaa sama aku , yah sekali lagi miane… aku nggak sempat ol kemaren , WiFi di rumahku error , modem belom di bayar , ngenet di sekolah kagak connect , minjem modem ama temen kagak boleh , jadii… aku baru sempat ol sekarang.. miane oppa TToTT

attention , seharusnya ini postingan tanggal : 6 NOVEMBER 2010 !!

Saengil Chukhaedurimnida

Saengil Chukhaedurimnida uri SUPER JUNIOR !!

I wish a MIRACLE always following you ,

all ELFs always spread the sky with SAPPHIRE BLUE ,

THANK YOU to our leader LEETEUK always do the best for Super Junior

IN MY DREAM , our HEECHUL was changed to Heesica or Lady Hee Hee

I’m MISSING YOU our HANGENG the first Chiness person in Super Junior

JUST YOU , our YESUNG who have a beautiful voice like that

To our KANGIN , GOOD LUCK for your army

Let’s talk about our WONDER BOY , the funny boy SHINDONG

I wanna give ALL MY HEART to our SUNGMIN , the best Hyung and the good Dongsaeng


Let’s pray to our DONGHAE the GOOD PERSON in Super Junior

To our SIWON i DON’T KNOW why I’m always HATE YOU , LOVE YOU

Please always SMILE to all ELFs our RYEOWOOK


To our KYUHYUN, YOU ARE THE ONE for me !!

Let’s spread to our HENRY the Super Maestro: ‘’ I wanna MARRY YOU !!! ‘’

To our ZHOUMI please bring me to the WAY FOR LOVE

Super Junior is the CLUB NUMBER 1 for ME , I always BELIEVE their promise

Let’s pray a HAPPINESS to our Super Junior , please always be a SHINING STAR ,

I can’t say OVER to loving you , SO I always spread AI NI AI NI to you all ,

OUR LOVE always following you our Super Junior ,

Let’s DANCING OUT together and make that day will be a LOVELY DAY ,

Super Junior U’re THE ONE I LOVE in this world , i LOVE U MORE than anything ,

I AM always supporting you all , please always HAPPY TOGETHER oppa !!

#5YerarsWithSuju :’)

huaaaaaa , nggak nyangka uri oppadeul udah bersama selama 5 tahun , dan selama 5 tahun itu mereka bukannya semakin hancur malah semakin kompak , oppa… saengil chukhaeyo…, aku nggak tau lagi harus ngomong apa aku udah bingung duluan gara2 nangis terharu hehee ,

oppa semoga makin kompak yaa , makin sukses , jangan takut bakal nggak terkenal lagi seluruh ELFs pasti dukung oppa kok :’) hehehe , tambahan buat LEETEUK sama KYUHYUN jangan sakit lagi yaaa , cepet sembuh , GBU~

1st jib Happiness

2jib don’t don

3jib sorry-sorry

4jib – bonamana

5jib – we will waiting for this :*


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