[English Fict] Love Teacher and Student

Tittle : Love Teacher and Student

Main Cast :

–          Nisrina Thurfah as Choi Ni Rin

–          Kyuhyun

Author : Nashelf Hafizhah Wanda

Genre :  Romance

Rating : U (This my handmade, “U” from “Ugly” )

Length : One shoot

Thanks to my best friend who edit this, without you i know this isn’t fanfiction anymore. thank you *hugging you tightly*


“ Wonnie-ya !! “

I closed my ear with my headphone and play a music loudly. My Brother’s friends are come again, and do you know what happend if they come ? I won’t concentrate for my lesson. And that’s make me get a mad. I close my door, and I close my window. Quietly. I like it.

One minute…

‘brak!! Buum!! Brak!! Tring!!’

Argh, that sound !!! Fine, that’s it, I’ll finished. I open my headphone and open my door. You will die this night, Choi Siwon !! now, I already standing up, in front of that noisy room. My brother room. I take my breath and than…

Brakk !!

I opened that door loudly. I can see how shocked His friends and of course, how shocked my Brothers. But I don’t care ‘bout that, I just care ‘bout myself. Selfish huh? No ! this for my study, I realy don’t want my test  get red mark and it show number  5 in my test paper, I must study hard from now !

“ Choi Siwon !!! “

“ what ? what’s more my Miina ? am I do something strange ? something wrong again ? I just played with my friends, is that wrong ? “

“ that isn’t wrong if you all keep silent !! I can’t study !! argh, you as my brother never try to make me have a good point for my test ! “ I thing I very mad with him, now….

“ hey ! I’m never told like that, I always help you if you have a problem with your lesson, right ? “

I quiet. I can’t reply. I just waves my right’s hand and look my Brother with his friends. My head want to blew up now…

“ please, I can’t studying if you all like this, keep quietly please, just one hour, ok ? “

“ okay, we really sorry to you.. erh, who’s your name ? I’m sorry, siwon never told me her sister name… and I really want to know, who’s your name ? “

I look that’s handsome boy. What again ? who is he ? Is he important to my test ? no ! argh, okay just say your name and you can go back to yours room, right ?

“ Choi Ni Rin “

And I walk away go back to my room without see my brother’s friend again. Never mind. He didn’t important for my test, and I must not respect him.

in Nirin’s room

“ Rin-ah “

I turn back and see how shocked I am look my brother’s friend is standing up beside me. I throw away my face from his side and hit his face with the book in my hand. He just smiling like a crazy person.

“ what are you doing ? “

“ just studying, prepare my test “

“ when ? when you start your test ? “

“ two months again, wae ? “

“ can I help you ? to be your teacher just for two months ? “

I have no words when he starring at me. I don’t know why, but my heart is beat so fast and my hand is so cold. What happen with me ? argh, damn.

“ o..okay, but can you go from here now ? you’re so… near… “ I feeling my face was blushing,

He laugh very louder, “ your face was blushing ? it’s so red !! “

“ stop that !! I’m not blushing anymore ! I just.., just, ah I need something refreshing me, you want stay here or come along with me ? “

“ just go ahead, “ he smile,

Argh shit, my heart was beating so fast again. Fastly I throw away my face, hope he isn’t see my face that is already start being red.


” who is he ?! how did he go inside to my room ?! “

My brothers just looking at me like he said I-don’t-know-why-but-I-know-he-can-do-anything-he-want. I leave my brother and come back to my room. He still stay in my room, looking for my homework. I come to him and put my book.

“ how dare you opened my book without ask my permission ?! “

He just smiling, “ I just want see your assignment, is that wrong ? I’m your teacher now, right ? “

“ argh, okay.. you can see it.. but, what’s your name ? “

He just hand over his hand to me and didn’t answer my question.

“ what ? “ I look his hand confused

“ just hold my hand, “

I hold his hand. He give me his big smile and start to introduce his self.

“ Cho Kyuhyun “

“ Choi Ni Rin “

“ okay, now let’s start study ! you.., do this “

He takes  3 or 4 books from his bag. What ?! after give me that book, he take his PSP and start to playing that silly stuff on my bed. Argh, what does he want to do now ?!

“ hey, do that exercise ! don’t look at me, I know I’m so handsome “

I go back focus to my exercise. Oh god, this is more difficult than I thought. Argh, am I can do this exercise ? I don’t think so… I look for him with my puppy eyes, hope he want to help me. But I think the answer is not, he doesn’t respect anything. He just focus with his PSP. Argh.

“ otthoke ? “ I whisper very slowly

“ what ? you need my help “

“ I really, really, need you but you only focus with your PSP !! are you really serious want to be my teacher ? I don’t believe that… “

“ ah, I really want to be your teacher.. please, I’m sorry, okay let me help you, I will put my PSP, okay ? “

“ deal, now please teach me!! “


“ akh, finally this freak exercise is done ! now, I can take some rest, isn’t it ? “

Kyuhyun just smiled and nod his head. I jump to my bed and hug my lovely pillow. He just laughing, see my behavior. I give him my deathly glared.

“ what’s up ?! “ I ask him confusedly

“  ah, nothing, I just thought  that you and your brother is very.. different “

“ like what ? “

“ Siwon hyung is a quiet people, just don’t like you. He always says with polite words, not like you. And he is always reliable, not like you. How can a perfect people like him have a sister like you, I can’t believe it “

I hit his arm with my leg very strong than before. He looks at me annoyed. I just laughing like a devil. I’m win.

“ you got it, your hand is pain ? “

“ as you know it’s very pain ! “

“ uuuh, I’m sorry “ I still teasing him

He just give me a small smile. I think he mad at me. Ah, I don’t care, I just teasing him. is that wrong ? ah, if he always like this I feel  I can’t teasing him, such as a bored thing.

“ just because I kick your arm  you’re mad ? argh, you really not fun “

“ everyone will feel angry if someone kicked him without a reason “

“ I have a reason !! “ I said out loud

“ what ? I don’t believe anything from your little mouth “

“ argh, you !! “

I can’t say anything again. I really, really, hate him so much! I get out from own  room, I hate one room with my enemy.   I open my door’s room and close it loudly and create a very loud voice that I never hear.

“ spoiled girl “


Next day…

I sit in front of the Television when my brother’s friend is coming again. Two from them is go to my brother’s room, but one of them is walking toward me. Cho Kyuhyun, my enemy. He sits beside me, I move my body to another side.

“ wae ? you don’t like if I’m here ? “

“ yap, I still mad with you “

“ still mad with me ? why ? I didn’t do anything to you except sitting beside you, right ? “

“ not in this day, yesterday, I hate you so much “

He quiet after I finished my chat. I stand up and walking to my room. I must study again.


In Nirin’s room

I closed my book. I guess my head want to blew now. This lesson, this assignment, ah, I can’t do that! This is more difficult. Oh god, am I have 5 to my test ? no, no. I can’t have 5 to my test. I must study hard again. I’m still have a long time, right ?

I looked a calendar above my desk. What ? oh gosh, I just have 3 weeks again ? and I can’t do this assignment ? argh, how stupid I am !

“ can I help you ? I see you have a problem with your math.. “

That’s voice ? I turn back, and look what I see. Cho Kyuhyun. He look at me so.., sadly. I smiled, he know I’m have a problem with my mathematic. I give him my math’s book.

“ please help me, I can’t do this assignment “

“ but, if I help you, are you want to promise me something ? “

“ what ? “

He smiling so mysterious , “ if you didn’t have 5 to your test, you must do everything I want “

“ what ?! “

“ yap, everything “

“ NO !! “

Argh, he really, really, how can I must do everything he want ? am I his servant ?

“ it’s okay, but I didn’t want help you do your assignment “

“ argh, okay deal. If I didn’t have 5 at my test, I will do everything you want. “

“ promise ? “

“ but, help me, please… I really, really didn’t understand about math… oh… am I got 5 to my math test ? “

“ don’t worry, I will help you, I will teach you until you understand about math, trust me “

I smiled. I didn’t have any teacher except him. From now until that day when I must do the test. I must keep patient beside this person.


Two months have passed. Kyuhyun always helped Nirin when she was confused with her lesson. He always be patient when teaching Nirin who can’t easily understood. But Kyuhyun always smile when he was near beside Nirin.

Until the day when Nirin got her test. One night before she during her test…

Nirin POV

Oh gosh, tomorrow is my deathly live. I must do that test. Aargh, otthoke ? I still confused with my lesson exactly Math. I think I can’t sleep well this night, argh god please help me. Suddenly


“ Nirin ? am I disturbing you ? “

Kyuhyun’s head come inside to my room. I smiled look at him. I think god hear my pray. I come to Kyuhyun a give my book.

“ help me, I still didn’t understand for number 5 until 10 “

“ What ? Nirin.. we already study that lesson everyday, and you still didn’t understand ? “

“ no.., this very hard to me “

“ okay, sit here, I will teaching you “

I sit beside his body. I listen very focus to everything he say. This for my test tomorrow. He already finished teaching me, he look at me.. at my eyes.

“ understand ? “

I feel my face is already start being red, “ I… I understand.. “

“ are you sick ? your face is red ? “

He put his hand to my face and check my temperature body. I smile and throw away his hand.

“ I’m alright, “

“ so, you do your test tomorrow ? “

“ yeah, why ? “

“ ah, nothing. Are you free in this night ? “

“ I think, I didn’t have a schedule this time, why ? “

“ want you go with me ? “


Seoul tower

” kyuhyunnie ! look, beautiful, isn’t it ? “

He smile and follow me looking for the firework. We just quietly until he grabs my hand. I look at him confused.

“ can I hold your hand ? “ he asking like a whisper

“ o—of course, why you can’t hold my hand ? hold it if you want to hold my hand “

Argh, why my heart beating so fast like this ? am I started to like him ? ah, andwae ! how can I like him ? ah, I just nervous yah…, just like that.

“ Nirin-yha, are you still remember our promise ? “

I looked at him, is so hard if remember he’s very tall and I’m very short. Oh, please, I’m just his shoulder. Really hard if I want to look into his eyes, right ?

“ what ? about if I didn’t got 5 for my test I’ll must do everything you want ? “

“ yap, “ he smiling, “ I hope you didn’t got 5 for your test “

“ why ? “

“ I have something to say, but isn’t now, and I hope you’ll reply that, and you know when I want to say it to you ? “ he asking me so mysteriously

“ w..when ? “

“ if you didn’t got 5 for your test “ *smirks*

“ YHA !! “


This is it.

Yeah, now I’m sit between the another person who during this silly test. Ah, I will got 5 to my test. How stupid am I ?

I have something to say, but isn’t now, and I hope you’ll reply that, and you know when I want to say it to you ?

if you didn’t got 5 for your test

Argh. What does he want to do ? urgh, if like this I must didn’t got 5. Yak! Nirin’s HWAITING !


“ Kyuhyunnie ! “

He turn back and smile when look at me. But, just a little smile and than her face come back to normally. I took very lot of air, and give him my test.

“ I got 9 for my test ! I did it !! “

He give me a big smile, “ you did it ! Chukhaeyo ! “

“ and… now, for the promises… “

His smile is gone. He took my hand and hold so softly. He locks my eyes with his eyes. Oh, what does he want to say to me ?

“ Nirin…. “ he called me like a whisper

“ ne ? “

He closed his eyes and one minutes later he open his eyes, his smiling to me, “ would you be my girlfriend ? “

I widened my eyes, ” w..what ? you.. you what ? “

” yeah, I can’t trust myself can fall in love with my enemy at the first time we meet, so.. what your answer ? “

” nope, I wont “

” you wont ? oh, okay.. I can understand, “

A weak smile flash in his handsome face. Ouw, I’m sorry guys, I just teasing you. Okay, let’s be serious in this time.

” actually, It’s just a little joke “

He look at me confusedly, ” what are you talking about ? “

I know he trying the best to hide his pain. His heart must hurt so much. His eyes can’t lie anymore. Such a honest person.

” I’m just kidding, okay ? “

His eyes start to hoping, ” kidding of what ? “

I can’t hold myself not to rolled my eyes. But I can’t. I rolled my eyes and look at him annoyed.

” want to be your girlfriend, maybe ? “

” really ?! you really want to be my girlfriend ?! “

I just smiling–a little smile–and nods, “ yes, I do “

He took me and hug me so tightly. I smiling so happier. If he hugs me 2 months ago, am I so happily like this ?


End !

Aaargh, finally it’s end ! I’m sorry if I have a problem with my English language, I just trying the best y,y please comment ! don’t be a silent readers , its hurts T.T


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