[FANACCOUNT] 110212 K.R.Y. 1st Concert | Seoul @ 07.00PM KST

Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Victoria f(x), Luna f(x), Changmin (TVXQ), Kyuhyun’s Mother, hemm i forgot T_T

luna is so cute! she waved her lightstick like a fangirl!
Changmin waving his lightstick! rofl! luna keeps waving to the stage! omg i cannot concentraten at all

  • Hyukjae sit up very straight when donghae comes out to rap! and hw laughing hard now! even covering his ears!
  • Hyukjae cant stop laughing at donghae’s rap!
  • Hyukjae is super attentive at donghae’s perf! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Vic and luna are the cutest fangirls!
  • jungsoo’s laughing at kyu’s interview video! hahaha can hear from my seat!
  • All of them laughing hard at kyu’s hyunbin appearance!
  • Changmin’s head almost fell off the chair! Hyukjae shouted oscar when kyu started singing!
  • Eunteuk laughing at jongwoon’s interview video!
  • Fans told yesung changmin is here. he says ‘i cant see him. can u all see him?’ rofl!
  • Eunteuk laughing badly at sungmin spoon ghost video and the night chicago died perf! Rofl
  • Omg! Rofl! jongwoon pointed to eunteuk but they gestured him to go away!
  • Kyu pointed at hyukjae. hyukjae turned around pretending there’s someone behind! rofl!
  • Oh aft eunteuk gestured jongwoon to go away, jongwoon made a funny face to them ♥
  • Ryeowook took a towel and wiped donghae’s sweat!

Credit: @SJia13
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