Suju M Henry disclosed ,”Super Junior hyungs teach weird Korean words”

[Newsen Reporter Lee Sooyeon]

Super Junior M’s foreign member Henry appeared on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ and revealed an anecdote of Super Junior members.

Through the past 2006 SM Global Audition, Henry had been chosen as member from Canada by combining dance and performance of piano and electronic violin, displaying a splendid performance and his talent. Henry was born to a Hongkong father and Taiwanese mother, holds Taiwan nationality and grew up in Canada.

On February 22 in the broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ , Henry revealed, when he came for the first time in Korea , he couldn’t communicate because of Korean word mixed with English pronounciation* that was really different with English, revealing his big embarrassment and caused great laughter (in the studio) . He also disclosed that he received special private Korean lessons by Super Junior members.

Super Junior members had specially taught him ‘a rule where whatever the question is, (he) has to answer it with good manners’. However, when Henry revealed this on ‘Strong Heart’, everyone couldn’t help but laughed hard. On February 22, Henry will reveal what kind of Korean words he had learnt from Super Junior members in ‘Strong Heart’.

Meanwhile, Henry is scheduled to have activity from the 25th as Super Junior M’s member through mini album ‘Tai Wan Mei (太完美ㆍPerfection)’ ; together with Super Junior’s Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Zhoumi

(which is Konglish = Korean English)

source : NEWSEN
translated by ♥~pinkninja @



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