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Sorry… again.


maybe, tomorrow  i’m not able to update anything same as today. i have a big problem now and i dont think i can solve it now or tomorrow. maybe the day after tomorrow but i’m not sure i can do that. you know, i’m so frustated this day. too mad, too sad, too angry, too frustated. it’s complicated and i dont have any spirit to continue my fict. i promise, if my problem already solved i will continue my fict right away. please, pray for me. thanks for your attention. Good night, aegis.


4 thoughts on “Sorry… again.

    1. Makasing saengie<3
      masalahnya nggak bakal pernah selesai, orangnya sendiri aja nggak mau ngurusin so buat apa aku ngegalauin dia wkwkwk
      Gomawo udah support onnie *peluk-erat-ampe-kamu-nggak-bisa-napas* ({})

    1. Thank You<3
      the problem never can be solved, coz the person itself dont want to chance herself. ah, don't mind me! thanks for supporting unnie ({}) *Hug you until you cant breath anymore*

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