Hyukjae-ah, you’re improving a lot ;__;

Hyukjae-ah, your voice… makes me melt, makes me cry.. for God’s saken, i’ve never been cried this mess. you…. improving a lot. your vocal is wayyyyy better than before. omg… can someone kill me now? i’m not believing i love this guy. the abnormal guy i ever know. i’m not believing i’ll meet this person either.

please someone kill me now. i’d be love if i die now. his voice… makes me feel heaven. oh God… how can his sexy voice turn into this beautiful voice… ohmygoodness, i keep repeating the song over and over again yet my tears still fallen endlessly. oh God…. from I’m yours, It has to be you, Time when I recollect my memories, Down, I wanna love you, Oppa oppa, Say My name and now?

cracks of my broken heart.

yes, damn you Hyukjae. you really break my heart with your beautiful yet sexy voice. you make me fall for you over again. i hope i will survive when i met you two weeks later. Hyukjae-ah…’re definition of my perfection…


One thought on “Hyukjae-ah, you’re improving a lot ;__;

  1. huaaaaaaaaaahh kita saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~…
    aku juga terus-terusan ngereplay ini lagu..
    kyaaaaaaaaaahhh it’s just soooooooooo perfect~…
    kyaaaaah~ *dies

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