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I got a good news for all of you. Which is…

Gue mulai nulis lagi, not literally but slowly, yang jelas gue lagi nyari inspirasi supaya gue nulis lagi. that’s all. tapi gue juga punya bad news buat kalian. gue ngehiatusin semua FF yang udah gue post disini, such as:

  1. Autis Love [I forgot the storyline, the plot]
  2. My Cold Boyfriend [Have no intention to continue for now]
  3. Let Me Loving You [Seriously, have no intention to continue, straight fanfic just plain]
  4. My Girlfriend [forgot the plot]
  5. Chocolate Love [I HAD written for the ending but sadly to lazy to continue, (yeah I know, I’m a lazy-butt) bear for a few months later]

dan Fict yang bakal gue lanjutin cuma:

  1. Contract Marriage [why? duh, I like this kind of story haha.]
  2. Four-Timer [same reason, same fun babe]
  3. Hyukjae-Jessica [It such a shame to waste an ideas, bear with it.]
  4. Ideas still flowing means I’ll write a oneshots later~~~ :3

gue bakal mulai nulis lagi sekitar tanggal 10 Maret karena gue udah selesai tes penjurusan (if there’s no postpone) jadi yeah, itu doang, sekian. gue lagi mencoba kembali kejalan yang benar, roleplayer just as straight as a ruler but as fun as fuck. Ciao.



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