Heart to Heart

너라는 새장에 작은 새장 안에 버려진 새…

this is my whole opinion towards the shitty stupid fucking petition


is the right word to explain my feeling right now. i do not even understand why they should make those stupid fucking petition. this whole fucking petition never bothered me so much. right until last SS5SG. i came there. and i feel the tension, the disappointment, the fear, the hurtful, the emotions.

i never. i never ever heard hyukjae’s voice broke down that much. the last time I heard him talk with that tone is when he’s being prank in EHB. the desperate in his voice. the sadness that reflected on his smile that night. it is the worst thing i ever seen from him. he never broke down like that even the fans hate them. he never broke down like that even when everyone bad-mouthing about his gummy-smile. he never been that broke-down when he’s being bashed because of stupid script of We Got Married two years ago with Sena-ssi. He just broke down when his family is hurt.

and now his family is hurt because his other family, elf.

stupid petition i ever have read. and the most stupid clarification i ever read too.

1. “The petition is asking only Super Junior members participate in the official activities of Super Junior so that the boundaries between Super Junior and Zhoumi and Henry do not remain obscure.”

i do not understand what are you trying to implied there. i mean. we all know how limited Zhoumi’s and Henry’s participant in Super Show, since Super Show 2 until Super Show 6. As long as I remember, Henry only appeared as a violist in Super Show 1 and there’s no Zhoumi yet. Henry and Zhoumi only appeared when Super Junior M sang ‘Me‘ and ‘At Least There is still You‘ in Super Show 2, other than that nope, they did not even showed up on stage for introducing. In Super Show 3, Zhoumi only appeared when Super Junior sang ‘Don’t Don‘ and it’s only for ten seconds the max, Henry is not that good too actually, well yes he got his solo ‘Baby’, but as you can see, he didn’t have any part in ‘Don’t Don‘ he just played his violin and even though he has solo, his solo is not started in Seoul, he started his solo in Singapore for the first time (if I’m not wrong). In Super Show 4, it’s getting better, they participate quite a lot. Henry and Zhoumi appeared when they sang SJ-M’s song, perfection and destiny, Henry has his solo (I forgot the title) and Zhoumi has his solo too, ‘Because of You‘. Same like in Super Show 4, in Super Show 5 is no that different. Zhoumi and Henry appeared first when they sang ‘Break Down‘, ‘A-Yo‘ and ‘Go!‘ well yeah, they’re participating a lot in Super Show 5, but please. They didn’t even has solo!

Is it a sin if they just sing along with SJ members?

And as long as I remember. Super Junior M is Super Junior sub-units means, Super Junior or their units can sing together on stage when they are performing Super Show. Should I remind you? in Super Show 3, Super Junior T sang a new song which is ‘Ttok Ttok Ttok‘ and as long as I remember, there is no contract stating Donghae is a guest member as Super Junior T, then why you let him sang Super Junior T’s song? Donghae is a member of Super Junior M! not Super Junior T! Why did you let him?! Another example? Remember ‘Cooking? Cooking!‘, ‘Sunny‘, and ‘You and I as long as I’m being an elf, I remember those three songs are Super Junior H’s songs. So why does Kyuhyun participated on it? He is only Super Junior K.R.Y and Super Junior M member! Why Siwon sang along in it? Siwon doesn’t even have subs-group! There is no contract stating that Super Junior H only can sing Super Junior H’s song and vice versa. Need another example? Fine. Remember ‘Super Girl‘ in Super Show 3? Who participated in it? I remember I saw Leeteuk sang along. Eh why?! I never read a contract that Leeteuk is an additional members on Super Junior M. So why he can sing Super Junior M’s song yet Henry and Zhoumi can’t sing Super Junior’s song?! Because Super Junior H/T/M/KRY is Super Junior’s subs-group so Super Junior can sing all of it but Super Junior M is just a subs-group, thus why Henry and Zhoumi can’t sing all of Super Junior’s songs?

ain’t you being too unfair?

2. “We respect them as official members of Super Junior M and we are not against their activities as Super Junior M and solo artist.

baby duh. I remember the third line of your petition is saying that ‘Guest member do not use the color pearl sapphire blue for activities not related to the subs-group‘ is it what you calling not against their activities as solo artist? You clearly against it. I remember the one who decided Pearl Sapphire Blue to represent Super Junior’s fan club is not you guys, it’s not us. It’s their agency, SM Entertainment. So why the fuck you ask them to change it when basically, SM is the one who make it? They can turn Super Junior down as they please not us, we are just supporting crew. We are just the result of their project, whether they are succeeded or not. If not, Super Junior can be disbanded and do you think if we send this kind of petition to SM Entertainment they will listen? No. They are the decider not us. please.

Can you guys use your mind for a while?

SM Entertainment is not using Pearl Sapphire Blue color just pure because Henry is the member of Super Junior M, as guest member or whatever bullshit you guys are talking. One of my friend predicted, this is their method to attract more fans towards Super Junior. As you know, Pearl Sapphire Blue color is claimed already to represented that they are Super Junior’s fan club. So, like what my friend is trying to say, they use Pearl Sapphire Blue color so people will notice that Henry is one of the member of Super Junior since Pearl Sapphire Blue is Super Junior’s fan club’s color. Therefore more people will start to browsing and searching more info about Super Junior. I could say this is a reason logic, if you did not want to accept that Henry is one of Super Junior’s members not only a guest.

3. “Super Show has a special place in activities of Super Junior because it is where Super Junior can connect closely with fans.

are you trying to say that Super Junior M is not a part of Super Junior’s activities too? Why Super Junior H/T/K.R.Y can participated in Super Show yet Super Junior M can’t? and as you say, can connect closely with fans. So where do you think Henry’s and Zhoumi’s fans can connect closely with them if you didn’t let them join in Super Show? Aren’t you being selfish with your own family? We all are ELF. Those who claimed as Henry’s biased and Zhoumi’s biased are called ELF too. There’s no additional fan club for Super Junior M, right? So it’s not a wrong thing to let Henry and Zhoumi participated because they have fans too that called ELF and Super Show is a place where Super Junior can connect closely with fans aka ELF.

4. “The petition targets SM Entertainment.”

may I suggest you to never try to interfere with SM Entertainment’s suggestion? Because asking something from them is as same as talking with wall. SM Entertainment will not agree with you if it will coming a bad luck on their side. You may see, by having Henry and Zhoumi on stage also increasing the up-coming. Don’t you realize how successful Super Show 4 and Super Show 5? It is because not only Super Junior that participating in it, it also has Henry and Zhoumi that participating in it. The number of fans whose coming grow larger and it means more money for SM Entertainment. SM Entertainment just need the money, no need for any of your concern.

I may not commenting all of your this stupid petition about. There’s too many that I can commenting yet the lack of patience in my heart can’t bear to read any longer. The more I read “Reasons the petition has to rise to the occasion” the more it hurts my feeling. I feel so reckless, I can’t do anything about it except try to forbid anyone who want sign that stupid petition. Well yes, they said the main target is SM not Super Junior nor Henry nor Zhoumi either. But you make it like Henry and Zhoumi is also the main target beside SM.

The thing I disappointed the most in when united_elf was trying to say that they didn’t mean to make some fan war between ELF, they just trying to uniting the boundaries between Super Junior but they broke the boundaries between ELF. They’re even differentiating ELF and Super Junior M fans by saying ‘objecting SJ participating SJM song is the job of SJM fans, not ours‘ okay the fuck?! You mean, Super Junior have you, Super Junior K.R.Y have their own fans, Super Junior T have their own fans, and Super Junior H have their own too? Then what is the meaning behind Everlasting Fans?! Just a fan club made by SM Entertainment for supporting Super Junior only not their subs-group as well?! oh and please, by saying ‘it is the job of SJM fans not ours‘ it feels like you are the king of the king of ELF. You basically worship yourself and claiming yourself as a God. Who can rule and plead everything you want. You also saying ‘those who supported the petition are PURE SAPPHIRE BLUE ELF‘ do you ever think of us? usus? US! Do you ever think of us, us as Henry’s fans? Do you ever think of us, us as Zhoumi’s fans? Do you ever think of us, us as ELF? Do you ever think of us, us whose trying desperately protecting and supporting Henry and Zhoumi?

and when you said “To SJ, H & ZM are part of their family, but to ELF, SJ is our only family‘ whose ELF thay you were talking about? All ELF want is SJ to never cry, all ELF want is SJ to never lose, all ELF want is SJ’s happiness. By doing this, by disliking Henry and Zhoumi as our family too, by disagreeing their family, wouldn’t it just adding salt into their wound? I may not know the hardship between SJ and ELF right after they debuted. I may be included as those ABC fans you’re mentioning about. But aren’t you selfish my friends? Siwon has ever said, ELFs are those who support us until the end. So not knowing the hardship in their first debuted stage make us less Pearl Sapphire Blue ELF? No my friend. If this is the case, then it means you don’t want Super Junior has larger number of fans.

I know you hurt. We hurt too. Henry and Zhoumi hurt too. Super Junior, those who you claim as your only family, hurting as well. We all hurt by you doing this. Okay I know you what you want is not Hyukjae’s speech, all you want is SM Entertainment’s clarification. But please. As you say, SJ is your only family. Is it right to hurt your own family? Is it right to hurt your only family? Is it right to make your family cry? You are saying you just want to clarified the boundaries between Super Junior and Super Junior M. But as you say, for SJ, H & ZM is also their family but SJ is your only family. All of us are in a circle of family. It’s only like and dislike. I don’t like chocolate, so okay I’m avoiding chocolate. Then why can’t you think logically like that? You demand SM to clear the boundaries between SJ with H & ZM, but what the result of it? You are the one who dislike the boundaries between them, SJ are perfectly fine with it so why can’t you too? It feels like you really love chocolate but someone dislike it and make you avoiding chocolate as much as this person. SJ love H & ZM as their family, but because you guys dislike the boundaries between them, you pushed H & ZM out of SJ’s life. It feels like you have a babies but your babies are being taken away from you. It feels like you have your loving father and mother but someone push you apart from your father and mother. They stand stronger together. They can pass the old hardship because they have each other.

You are those K ELF and C ELF that claiming as a PURE SAPPHIRE BLUE ELF. Then why don’t you walking out right after Hyukjae did his speech? Hyukjae is not a person who like to meddle or interfering with issues. But because this issues including his family, he stand up for it, he meddled with it, he interfered this issue. You guys says you’re Pure ELF? Then why can’t you understand SJ’s feeling more than we (ABC fans) do? You guys with them longer than us. You know what can make them sad more then us knowing. This issue make SJ sad, then why can’t you stop? You call yourself as their family then? You just look them as your pleasing toy. When you dislike it you just need to decided whether you want to keep it or throw it.

May I remind you something? Henry and Zhoumi never stepping out of the contract, in my point of view. Why?

1. They never introduce themselves as Super Junior’s Henry or Super Junior’s Zhoumi. They always said Henry from Super Junior M or Zhoumi of Super Junior M. (I tried to watch in youtube and I found none fan-cam that recording Henry or Zhoumi introducing themselves as Super Junior).

2. They are not forbidden when Super Junior is saying “Uri neun Syupo Junio-eyo”. Because as you said yourself, Super Junior M is also a part of Super Junior. Super Junior M is Super Junior inter-sub group. Same goes like Super Junior K.R.Y or Super Junior H and Super Junior T. I never found fan-cam about Super Junior K.R.Y adding “Uri neun Syupo Junio-eyo K.R.Y” or Super Junior H and T adding the same thing like that. So why Super Junior M need to be different if another subs-group doesn’t need to do it?

3. And like what you have said. Kyuhyun himself, even said that he is the magnae of SJ and Henry is the magnae of Super Junior M.

4. In I Wanna Dance album, well yes, Love that I need is featuring with Henry. But do you read it as feat Henry [Super Junior M] or feat Henry [Super Junior]? I’m not blind, I can read, I can spell and I read it perfectly that it’s stating feat Henry [Super Junior M] not the other way around.

5. You can open SMTOWN official youtube channel. In Various artist, SM uploaded Henry’s Trap Live. But the format of the title is Henry Trap – (feat Super Junior Kyuhyun and SHINee Taemin) they never uploaded it with title Super Junior Henry Trap – (feat Super Junior Kyuhyun and SHINee Taemin).

6. If you are mad about why SM uploading Henry’s videos in Super Junior official Youtube channel, I want to ask you something, why did you let SM uploading SJ-M promotion of Break Down and Perfection? Isn’t Super Junior are only Super Junior? No additional like Super Junior M or whatsoever? Or why don’t you mad because Donghae was uploading his videos with Hyukjae in Super Junior official Youtube channel? It’s not Super Junior’s activities.

7. You mad because Henry is using sapphire blue color for his promotion solo debut. Then why did you let Hyukjae and Donghae use the same color in their fan meeting in Japan? You said Sapphire Blue color is only for Super Junior. Sapphire blue color is not a color for Hyukjae and Donghae’s fan club right? It’s not Super Junior’s activities.

So why do you think Henry and Zhoumi are more than Super Junior M? Why did you think SM is forgetting about the contract? Because Henry and Zhoumi are participating in 2/3 of Super Show 5? Super Junior is only left 8 members without Henry and Zhoumi. In super show, they’re dancing and singing, they even sang old songs when Super Junior is still have 13 members. Do you expect this 8 members will took all of the part in those song? You said Super Junior is not a rockie boyband anymore, they already a grown-up man boyband now. They need to rest, their energy lesser than when they still a rockie. And you expect them to sing those 13 parts in 4 hours straight with no break? They would be break honey. Super Junior has grown up already and SINCE Super Show 4, they directing their own show withouth SM Entertainment’s opinion. The boys decided themselves that Henry and Zhoumi can participate 2/3 of Super Show 5. So why bothered for demanding SM Entertainment clarification?

Think hard before you act. Think hard what will happen if this issue kept on appearing. Thing hard what will you get or what will you lose in the process. Think hard about all the hardship they had been passed and now they facing from this issue. You, as a pure elf, know what is the best for SJ because you know them better than us. But us, as ABC fans or whatsoever, know what is the best for Henry and Zhoumi because they are our family.

added file (read this too):

this by KimRiru from asianfanfic.

this by hallyuus from twitter.

end of the discussion.


Buat Indonesian ELF, more over Jewels. I’m truly beg you, jangan isi petisinya, jangan ikut petisinya. Jangan isi, sebegimana pun kamu benci sama Henry dan Zhoumi, please jangan. Kalian jewels kan? Kalian sayang sama Hyukjae kan? Hyukjae itu bukan orang yang suka ikut campur kalo ada masalah kaya gini, dia lebih prefer untuk menghindarinya not to stand up for it. Inget masalah We Got Married yg dia di bash karena jadi cowok bastard banget? Dia emang ada komentar? Enggak, kan? Inget masalah IU sama dia? Emang dia ada komentar? Dia diem, kan? Tapi karena masalah ini masalah tentang SJ sama ELF, dia akhirnya mau turun ikut campur.

kalian bisa lihat kan seberapa pengaruhnya masalah petisi ini buat Hyukjae?

Kalo kalian merasa kalian ELF ataupun Jewels, please. Hargain perasaan Hyukjae. Aku dateng nonton SS5SG dan itu bener-bener something wrong di diri Hyukjae. Dia senyum pun kepaksa, dia senyum matanya sedih. i just know it. Kalian coba berada di posisiku. Aku dateng ke konser berharap seneng-seneng bisa lihat banyak senyum Hyukjae, banyak tawa Hyukjae, banyak candaan Hyukjae. Tapi di introducing aja, Hyukjae udh nangis. Di ment (entah yg keberapa), member lain masih diatas panggung sedangkan Hyukjae udh milih ke backstage karena nangis. Di ending, dia biasanya thumbs up bareng donghae-ryeowook-sungmin, malah ini semua member masih di panggung dia udah turun ke backstage. Semua ELFs udah siap-siap pulang udah dimarahin satpam disuruh cepet keluar dari venue (msh banyak yg foto2 panggungnya waktu itu), tiba-tiba hyukjae masuk naik ke panggung ngomong kaya gini. it hurts. aku yang nggak tau artinya aja waktu disana nangis denger suara dia. sakit, sedih, putus asa, campur aduk jadi satu disuaranya. sampe sekarang aja aku masih nangis ngeinget tentang itu.

tapi kemaren malem aku buka united_elf. aku lihat banyak hyukjae bias ngisi itu petisi entah Indonesian ELF atau bukan. Tolong lah. Kamu bilang jewels tapi buat Hyukjae nangis? Kamu bilang kamu sayang Hyukjae tapi kamu nyakitin dia dengan ngisi petisi itu? Kamu bilang kamu elf nyatanya kamu nggak nerima Henry sama Zhoumi di panggung Super Show? (syukur gw puasa, udh gw sumpah serapahin kalian semua).

Jangan demi kita yang membela Henry sama Zhoumi. Jangan demi kita Henry bias atau Zhoumi bias. Tapi demi Hyukjae. demi SJ yang juga terluka denger petisi ini. ;_______; hiks please ok? Jewels itu baik2….nurut2….imut2….. jangan egois….fikirin perasaan Hyukjae, ne? :’-)))))))


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