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have you guys seen this?

well, at first I go gaga when I heard GD is going to release a new album and download the whole album right away. But when I was listening to the song I start to feel incredible pain. A frustration. So I tried to google the meaning of the whole album and I got dumbstruck-ed when I read the meaning of Crooked. The meaning is so deep I can’t even believe GD sang that. And since I cannot access YouTube since God knows how long, I finally able to watch this MV in Arirang. And I nearly cry. The same pain I felt when I hear the song was the same pain I felt when I watch the MV. I can feel the frustration, the feeling is so deep, too many raw emotions that cannot explained with words. And same goes to Coup d’TAT, omg it was the saddest MV I have ever seen. If you just watch it once, I believe you just will be scared (because the video explain it all), but when you watch it thoughtfully, you can see the emptiness in GD’s eyes, and it’s saddening me. sobs. GD you’re awesome.


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