n u g u y a w s。

Halo!! Hi!! 안녕하세요!! こんにちは!! привет!!

Hello there precious n n do you want to know more about myself? yeah, this page is the right place so you will know me behind the wordpress/?. If you want to ask, just ask in the comment box. Everyone is ALLOWED. Now, Let’s start with my ‘basically’ profile.

I’m Inas, and I’m 97 lines,

  • Inas Hafizhah Wanda, is my real name and my friend call me: Inas
  • I born in Surabaya, at July 24th, 1997.
  • now I live in Balikpapan, Kalimantan,
  • When I posted this, I’m still in my Senior High School (SHS) in 10 grade [lol i feel so old/?]

this is my ‘not-so-basically’ profile

  • Lee Ha Sang and Choi Min Rin is my Korean Name. [use whatever do you want, it’s up to you]
  • Nashelf is my stage name. My friends called me ‘Nash‘ and I’m a ‘ELF‘ so when you combine it you’ll get: Nashelf 🙂
  • Nashelf Hafizhah Wanda is my favorite name, I love this don’t ask me why.

and this is my other profile/?

  • I have a lot of hobbies. One, sleep. Two, reading. Three, listening music. Four, writing. Five, dancing. Six, lazing around. Seven, Playing music. Eight, Porn. I life in square, most of it includes book-internet-music (such a not-so-perfect combination ikr) I don’t do sport and I don’t like one. I don’t like cook but I love eating. I’m not gonna deny it, but I’m a pervert-sweet-talker woman. I use emoticons a lot, but when I don’t it means something. I love skinship mostly back-hug.
  • never use brain ㅋㅋㅋ even when doing exam I use my feeling. that’s why I failed a lot.
  • a proud Leo. Being a Leo sometimes motivated me to be brave. however I know, I’m everything but brave.
  • have an unusual fetish. a fetish on Hyukjae’s back ; Donghae’s back ; Kyuhyun’s cheeks ; Xiumin’s lips. not random, not me.
  • pervert, don’t say I never warn you.
  • I love red, I love blue, I love black. I never like yellow.
  • have a weird phobia. not gonna tell. :x.
  • doesn’t like chocolate, but I love cadbury. you give me a whole cadbury and I’ll love you forever. or maybe a glass of KFC Krushers ; Kookies ‘n Kream flavored is all right.

I was ELF, am ELF, will ELF. a huge Pure Blue-Sapphire ELF

I have no plan on changing my fandom. 왜? Because being a ELF makes me contented and have a place where I belong to. There’re a lot of reasons why I choose ELF as my fandom, but in my opinion love no need a reasons, thus why I won’t tell you any :v ㅋㅋㅋ


my forever first biases are: Lee Hyukjae and Lee Donghae. when you meet me face-to-face, do NOT ever ask which one is my first bias cause I never know and don’t wanna know. I love both of them equally and I love both of them in my 1st bias’ lists. ; v ;

dsc05265 hyukjae

The Reasons?

first, Hyukjae. It’s not because the look, it’s not because he’s handsome nor cute either. But I love him because he is Hyukjae. He is Hyukjae, who always work hard. He is Hyukjae, who always make his parents proud. He is Hyukjae, who dance because he loves. He is Hyukjae, who laugh when he’s happy. He is Hyukjae, who cry when he’s sad. He is Hyukjae, who can never lie. He is Hyukjae, the Lee Hyukjae. I’m a proud Jewels. I mock him a lot, because I love his flaws over his charms. I compared him a lot, because I want he  kept working hard and not easily satisfied. I never spazz him, because no words can describe how Hyukjae makes me wild. I say ‘I Hate You, Lee Hyukjae‘ a lot, because it’s true, I hate him so much because he makes me can’t stop loving him. :&. I love him as Lee Hyukjae. and this is one stupid thing, but do not ever call Hyukjae with Eunhyuk in front of me. Why? In my Opinion, Hyukjae and Eunhyuk are two different persons. Eunhyuk is the face but Hyukjae is the personality. Stupid? I know. I’m just one of those naggy-Jewels, but I’m not nagging over his affairs-which sometimes I support, and sometimes not. 🙂

second, Donghae. Do I have to explain my reasons? ㅋㅋㅋ you guys who’s a truly ELF will do realize that Donghae is a kid in mind adult in body, right? I love cute thing, and I think Donghae is cute. I love adorable thing, and I think Donghae is adorable. I love fluffy thing, and I think Donghae is fluffy. Donghae is so asdfghjkll. He is so big in abs but also big in body–fat. When he smile, my breath hitched. When he laugh, my jaws dropped. When he’s being stupid, my heart skips a beat. I love how he always looks stupid when he’s day dreaming or when he just stand and stare into nothing. I never mock him, because until now I can’t spot his flaws. I never compared him, because he has everything a person willing to have. I spazz him a lot, because I produce my girlish-squeak unconsciously when I see his smile or laugh or faces. and same like Hyukjae, I never say I Love You, because of him, I don’t know other word except perfection. I’m a silet ELFish. why? Because, there’re a lot of peoples who love Donghae already. and I don’t want some people non-ELF, will love SJ just because the looks. I don’t want to have fake-ELF as my family. love Donghae because he’s handsome and underestimate Hyukjae because he’s not handsome. ; n ; no. I’m a picky-family, I judge a lot at this. 🙂


and after both of them, my third bias is the forever baby-look-a-like, Henry Lau < 3


do not ever ask. I love Henry as my idol. This is the sanest reason why I choose him as my bias. :v

eventho I’m a huge ELF, I also support another Boyband/Girlband and Soloist such as: Girls’ Generation ; Miss A ; BoA ; Hello Venus ; EXO ; U-Kiss ; B1A4  ; Juniel ; Ailee ; BTOB ; BAP ; CN Blue ; After School ; etc. somehow I spazz about all of them, but most of it, none. I just support them randomly. But this is the list which artists I spazz the most.

♡ GG

no need to tell, I think…ㅋㅋㅋ  lol you guessed it right. xD


Girls’ Generation ; Jessica Jung / Jung Sooyeon

everyone have to bear when I wrote a fanfict and I praise Jessica a lot. If I were a boy, I definitely fall in love with her and have a lot of wet dreams because of her. but no, I’m a girl and yet still having thoughts like that xD ㅋㅋㅋ lol yea I know. I’m not a lesbian tho. :v

♡ BoA

images (2)

Kwon BoA

she’s swag. I love swags.

♡ Hello Venus


Hello Venus ; Shin Yoonjo

Jessica’s twin. I guess it can explain why I love her equally like Jess…. :-)) hihi

♡ G-Dragon


BIGBANG ; G-Dragon / Kwon Jiyong

same reasons with BoA-unnie. He’s swag, I love swaggers.

♡ CL


2NE1 ; CL / Lee Chaerin

same like the boys and girls before. She’s swag. and I love swagging.

ㅋㅋㅋ done with my biases’ list, well it’s not all my biases’ list but I can assure you, I spazz them more than the other bias I have. I love the swag-type, it tamed me/? lol (what am I sayingand as you know, I wrote a lot of Yaoi fanfiction. You can say I’m a huge fans of Yaoi♡ I don’t know if I can support boy’s love in real life but I don’t know. It’s their life, they know what is wrong for them and what is right for them so I’m just supporting..? lol no, actually I’m really an open-minded person, impulsive at first but then after calming my mind, I became realistic and open-minded. 

and this is… My favorite, my happiness, my endless wishes, my everything, the source of my smile, the end of my life. I ship them, I support them, I love them, I cherish them, I protect them. < 3.



The first time I read Yaoi, it’s not EunHae. It was SiHae but when midnight came, I researched about SJ’s Pairings and I found EunHae. The first moment of them I watched, it was Super Junior Drama (you know? the yaoi one? if you’re a ELF you know). and I was like asdfghhklkaj are they insane or what? they both guys and almost kissed?! but it was before. right now, I really want them to kissing. I mean, really really really want it. After that, I started browsing over EunHae and tada~ I became a the most delusional shipper. but I’m proud of it. I’m a proud JewELFish. As time passed by, I’m not ship them in the same meaning. I ship them become a real couple in the real life, and it’s freaked me out at first. however, I enjoy it now. They deserve their happiness < 3 It’s not EunHae or HaeHyuk, but it’s Hyukjae and Donghae, both can switch-role, it’s not like they’re can pregnant or something. so for those who fight about EunHae/HaeHyuk, do not interfere with my choice, do not bash my opinion. As long as they can be real in the real life, why not? :]

The things you have to take a note.

  • do not call hyukjae with eunhyuk in front of me.
  • bash jessica is a big no no.
  • fight about EunHae or HaeHyuk? I’ll think twice befriended with you.
  • do not, I emphasize once again, do not ever talk about Yoona – Kara – IU  in front of me.
  • I’ll hate you forever if you try to show me some moment of KyuHyuk.

the thing I hate being a Leo is, once they hate they’ll hate forever. and here I am. I hate them and I prefer to avoid it to not make any scene. sorry. xoxo.

How can you found me?

I have a lot of social networks. But I only use some of it, why? I’m a lazy girl -J.

y!m  ;  inas.wanda

Facebook ; Nashelf Hafizhah Wanda (I’m on my Hiatus mood)

Twitter PA ;  @hyukarms | @mysooyeonnie | (there’s one more but it’s my jailed acc)

Twitter RP ; @Maxstep_RPent | @BoAkwon_MS

Tumblr ; hyuksbackfishyanchovy15

WordPress ; ourfanfictionhousefishyanchovy15

Asianfanfics ; hyukkiesfuturewife | havenolive

Livejournal ; myhyukhae

Let’s be friend my Lovely friends 🙂 I hope you can enjoy yourself here. Just tell me if you found any mistakes in here. Thank you so much for wasting your time just for read my nonsense-talk.

Thank you very kamsa! ♥

♥ Nashelf – JewELFish ♥

74 thoughts on “n u g u y a w s。

    1. ya bolehlah, toh aku juga orang indonesia^^
      ff bahasa indonesia? banyak banget, yang bahasa inggris malah yang nggak ada chingu~
      coba buka categories fanfict,

    1. sip,
      salam kenal juga^^ kalo ada waktu luang aku pasti menyempatkan buka blog kamu,
      uhhuh, kita share apapun yang kita tau , kkk~

      btw, mind to intro ? 🙂

  1. Ya! *ceritanya lagi marah*
    Itu kenapa ada yang di pass???!!
    Kasih tau dong pass nya!! #garangabis


    bercanda kok saengie~~
    Aku minta pass nya boleh??

    Gomawo-yo~~~ *lambai-lambai bareng Junhyung*

    1. hehe 😀
      maaf ya , onnie, itu ada hal-hal tertentu mengapa harus di password

      kalo mau buka, buka yang ‘Elevator’ aja yaa 😉
      pass: 0404, sisanya secret :p

  2. ne annyeong hassimika chinguuuuu
    yuki 13 y.o 97line ,=D
    hehew kita samaaaaaaaaaa~
    biasku juga jeje sama gdragon =)
    tp fandomku cuma say a dan blackjack*.*
    tapipipioipipipi,aku big fans 8 member snsd,2ne1,miss a,dan beberapa member big bng + lagunyaaaa^^
    aku juga suka suju,shinee,fx dan banyak lagi hahaw

  3. Wah, blogmu bagus bgt.
    Jadi, chingu baru 13-> 14.
    Ak pikir udah Sma ato gag kuliah.
    Ak mau add fb chingu.
    Ntar di konfirm ya~
    ntar ak pm deh.

    1. bagus ? aduh jelek begini di bilang bagus ?
      gomawoyo ^^

      nggak, aku masih anak sekolah, sekarang aja baru kelas 2 SMP,

      tapi aku agak jarang buka fb, tak apa?

  4. Annyeongseyooo! *bow 90 degree*
    I am also a 97 kidd! XD
    Bias-nya Eunhae jgaaa~ tpi tambah Kyuhyun ❤
    Klo blh, please visit my blogg~ walaupun msh fresh from oven~ hehehe XD

    1. Annyeonghaseyo unnie~ (or saeng?) hahaha
      Really ??!! Yah! Eunhae is mine! *death-glare*
      okay, I’ll visit your page, nice to meet you baby /slap

    1. annyeong^^
      semoga kamu betah ya main di blog aku yang abal seabal-abalmya ini u.u

      disini juga bisa haha
      pwnya gampang kok : 0404 [buat Elevator]

  5. Hhaaa~
    spt’y dmikian,,
    kenalan dlu dh,,
    intan imnida, 90line,,
    tp saia ga klh L sma nak SMA,,hhee~
    da fb ta saeng??

  6. Hha,,
    iy tu fb kn nampang d atas knp ane nanya lg y,,ckckckkk babboo~
    haehyuk : emg dr dlu x,,
    mee : ==”

    nti dh cb d cri lg twitt’y,,
    pa gegara dr hp x y jd’y rada eror??

    1. buahahaha, akhirnya si eonnie mah mau sadar juga kalo babo /plak
      becanda ^^v

      coba deh periksa lagi, pasti eonnie salah tulis
      saya yakin xDD

    1. annyeong juga^^
      itu di kotak ‘new post’ kan ada tulisan ‘visual’ sama ‘HTML’ [di sebelah kanan] nah kamu klik yang ‘visual’ terus klik “Insert more text” atau bisa klik (Alt+Shift+T)

  7. annyeong, mian kalo nyasar kesini (_ _)

    dan..hei! aku merasa kita punya banyak kesamaan 😀

    mianhe kalau tdk sopan, saya akan berkenalan dengan baik..

    Ayas imnida, 97lines

    JewELFishy (+YoonAddict) HaeHyuk hard-shipper XD tapi YoonHae juga (kalo mau cari aman, aku jd YoonHae, tapi jiwaku HaeHyuk)

    kenapa HaeHyuk? entahlah.. saya jatuh cinta dgn Hyukkie eonni (?) hoho *apaan coba*

    dan kita seumuran 😀 dan dan daann… bias kita banyak yang sama (kecuali beberapa .__.)


    mianhe, belum menjelajah blog km.. ntar pasti aku ‘jelajahi’ ^^

    yosh, salam kenal ya :3

  8. annyeong…
    salam kenalll
    elda imnida…..
    saeng bias qta hampir sama y…..
    tpi da beberapa yg beda….
    okehhhhh q sedsng menjelajah blogmu….
    mian lau nti ada coment2 gx pnting dari ane….

  9. inas , kamu kena hallyu wave juga ?
    omo… kenapa ga bilang ?
    aku juga kena hallyu wave niih .

    jangan bingung , ini nadia , temen sd kamu

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