[110226/NEWS] Super Junior-M’s “Perfection” Mini-Album “Thanks To…”

  Siwon Just like what everyone knows, after going through so many things, being able to meet everyone with a new image in this new 2011 Year Of The Rabbit, I feel really elated, happy and very excited. Recently, our members had been doing their own activities in different fields, and to not let everyone’s… Continue reading [110226/NEWS] Super Junior-M’s “Perfection” Mini-Album “Thanks To…”


Misunderstanding [YeWook Vers]

Tittle : Misunderstanding [YeWook Vers] Main Cast : –          Yesung –          Ryeowook Main Pairing : YeWook , Yesung—Luna Author : Nashelf Hafizhah Wanda Genre : Romance / Yaoi / Humor[?] Rating : T Length : Double Shoot Dc : I want own them but… only can own the story T-T ***


[FANACCOUNT] 110212 K.R.Y. 1st Concert | Seoul @ 07.00PM KST

Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Victoria f(x), Luna f(x), Changmin (TVXQ), Kyuhyun’s Mother, hemm i forgot T_T luna is so cute! she waved her lightstick like a fangirl! Changmin waving his lightstick! rofl! luna keeps waving to the stage! omg i cannot concentraten at all Hyukjae sit up very straight when donghae comes out to rap! and hw… Continue reading [FANACCOUNT] 110212 K.R.Y. 1st Concert | Seoul @ 07.00PM KST


150 kutipan unik member Super Junior^^

Siwon : “ELF itu seperti oksigen“ Leeteuk: “Kalau ELF nggak ada, aku hanyalah sebuah cangkang yang kosong“ ELF: “Oppa, jangan pergi kemana-mana, jangan berubah” Eunhyuk: “Aku nggak boleh pergi ke kamar mandi juga?” – UFO reply ELF: “Donghae oppa milik siapa ?” Kyuhyun: “Donghae milikku” – UFO reply MC: “Yesung, apa olahragamu ?” Yesung: “Mengoleksi… Continue reading 150 kutipan unik member Super Junior^^